Fächerrad becomes KVV.nextbike


From the end of March 2019 Fächerrad Karlsruhe will be replaced by KVV.nextbike. Nextbike will continue to operate the system, but in future we will work on behalf of KVV. You will soon be able to use 340 brand new bikes with GPS and a comfortable frame lock for your trips around the city. The already existing e-bikes are still available for you.

In addition, other surrounding cities will join the KVV.nextbike system. Soon you will also be able to rent bikes in Baden-Baden, Rheinstetten and other places. KVV customers will continue to receive the annual rate at a reduced rate of 29€ instead of 48€.

You can get more information now on kvv-nextbike.de.

What will change for you?

First of all not much. The customer account remains with nextbike GmbH and is automatically transferred. Current annual tariffs remain valid. Only the reduced annual rate for students will cost 29€ instead of 24€ in the future. If you no longer wish to extend the annual rate for students, you can make use of your special right of termination and also terminate it retroactively until 30th April 2019 if the period of termination of 4 weeks until the automatic extension cannot be adhered to.
Otherwise, all you have to do is get used to the fact that you will soon be able to return bikes simply by closing the frame lock. However, always check in the app whether the return was successful and contact our customer service if in doubt.
You can find more information on kvv-nextbike.de/karlsruhe/information.

Profit from the new system

If you book an annual tariff or enjoy discounts, e.g. through a KVV customer account, the conditions apply to the entire KVV.nextbike area, i.e. also in every other city that joins the system. At the local prices you can still use the bikes of any other nextbike system in over 200 cities worldwide. Check out where you can find nextbike everywhere: Locations.

If you have any questions, please contact our customer service: +493069205046.