New RadCard fare


Starting 1st March 2015, new conditions will apply to the RadCard fare:

  • The basic fee will increase to 4€ per month.
  • The first 30 minutes per ride will stay free of charge. After these first 30 minutes, you will be charged the normal fare of 1€ per 30 minutes and a maximum of 9€ for a 24-hour ride.
  • The basic fee can only be paid on an annual basis. There will be no monthly payment option in future.

Existing contracts will continue according to the previous conditions until the twelve-month minimum duration is over. After that the normal fare will automatically apply to all rentals.

If you have any questions, our customer service will be glad to help you.


What happens to my existing contract?

Existing RadCard contracts will continue until the twelve-month minimum period is over.

Will my existing contract be modified?

Your RadCard fare will not be adapted automatically. Once the twelve-month minimum duration is over, the normal fare will apply to all rentals. Please contact us in a timely manner if you prefer to renew your RadCard fare to the new conditions.

Where does the RadCard apply?

The RadCard fare applies in all nextbike cities in Germany, in the metropolradruhr area, in Dresden with sz-bike, in Nuremberg with NorisBike and in Karlsruhe with Fächerrad. Unfortunately, you cannot benefit from the RadCard advantages in other locations in Germany (such as Usedom) or in other countries.

Can I rent more than one bike with my RadCard?

The RadCard fare only applies for the first bicycle. For every additional bicycle, you will be charged the normal fare.